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marshmallow gun business...for kids & teens | MarshmallowGunBusiness.comThanks for your interest in Marshmallow Gun Business ebook.  Why should you consider Hunter’s ebook?

Hunter had a successful marshmallow gun business from the ages of 10 to 14.  He usually made $1000 each summer selling his marshmallow guns.  In his ebook, he tells you exactly how you can have a successful business, too.  He shares his failures, so you will avoid them. He shares his successes, so you can copy them.

What’s included in this ebook (value $37)?

Not only will you receive all the information you need for your business, you’ll have tips & tricks color-coded throughout the Marshmallow Gun Business ebook.  For example,

  • Red Tables – Marketing Advice
  • Green Tables – Learn From My Mistakes
  • Aqua Tables – Tips & Tricks
  • Navy Blue Tables – Safety
  • Orange Tables – Speed It Up

We’ve also included videos (value $27) to “show” you exactly how to make the marshmallow guns. Take a look:

  • How to Cut the Marshmallow Gun
  • How to Assemble the Marshmallow Gun
  • How to Paint the Marshmallow Gun
  • How to Shoot the Marshmallow Gun

Finally, we’ve added a pdf so you’ll stay organized & actually make money in your business.  This includes our Cost & Profits Spreadsheet (value $15)

Hunter has been sharing his business ideas with kids for the past 2-3 years.  He recently made a video for you, 5 Kid Business Ideas Video ( value $9.00)

Homeschool Super Heroes Bonus Items (value $94)

During the 2 weeks of Homeschool Super Heroes, we are offering some bonus items to help you.  What’s included?

How to Set Up a Family Budget (value $13)

Starting a Family Business on the Internet (value $17)
Hunter’s dad wrote an ebook to help families get started online.  Follow in his footsteps to make your first money online.

Teaching Your Kids About Debt & Finances: A Biblical Perspective (value $37)
Stephen Beck wrote a Bible study on debt & finances.  Use this guide to teach your children what the Bible says about money, debt and spending your money carefully.

Finding & Researching Your Niche Worksheet (value $27)
Not sure what niche to pursue for your business? Use this in-depth analysis worksheet to see what works best for you.  Can be used by teens, as well as adults.

If you bought these items individually, you would pay a total of $182.

Today, you get everything listed for only $27.
Just click below to invest in our Homeschool Super Heroes package.

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