Since you are getting the Marshmallow Gun Business package . . . | Marshmallow Gun Business!

Since you are getting the Marshmallow Gun Business package . . .

Since you are getting the Marshmallow Gun Business Package….

How To Start Your Own Business for Families & TeensIn order to help your kids run their own business, we thought you might want Stephen Beck’s business course for families & teens:  How To Start Your Own Business, for Families & Teens.

Stephen recorded this live teen workshop and now shares it with families around the nation.   What does this course include?

  • 8 hours of Taped Instruction with Live Audience – You will watch a live presentation of Stephen Beck teaching a group of young people. Lots of interaction. Questions from the group are answered throughout the workshop.
  • Workbook on CD-ROM – A 63-page workbook is included on CD-ROM so you can take notes. The workbook is used throughout the course and offers homework assignments after each section. Reproducible worksheets and checklists are included for future business ideas. A unique home business success kit.
  • Resources List on CD-ROM – A list of websites, books, software and other materials is listed on the CD-ROM. Resources that you will find helpful when starting your own business.
Thank you for all the principles and advice…especially about the costs of business that I had not thought about.

Jessica Bauers (Student)

  • Experienced Instructor – Your instructor has started and owned several home businesses over the last 20 years. He has owned a construction company and currently owns a bookstore and a web development company.
  • Biblically Based – The workshop is built around the need to glorify God in whatever business your family and teen decides to do. The instructor is currently attending seminary and has a passion for helping families and teens reach their potential in Christ.
  • Reduce the Learning Curve – This course will save you time and costly mistakes. It is designed to get you up and running in your new business as soon as possible without incurring a lot of expense.
The workshop was very practical and relevant. Excellent use of examples and illustrations. Great Job!

Jack Van Deventer (Parent)

  • Information Will Pay For Itself – What would you give to have the knowledge for starting your own home businesses, tomorrow? Anyone following the methods laid out in this course could pay for it’s cost in a matter of weeks! What is it worth to you to give your family the knowledge to meet changing economic times with confidence and skill in a Home Business Success Kit?
  • Open Your Child’s Mind – Once your child gets a taste of becoming an entrepreneur, there is no telling how far he will go! The hardest part of starting a business is letting go. This course gives him/her the tools and the knowledge to start their new business with confidence. They can then chart a course that is limited only by their imagination.
  • Get Out of Debt – With the proceeds of your new business, you can pay off credit card debt. You can even make extra payments on your mortgage, thereby reducing the interest on your loan substantially. The sooner you pay that mortgage off, the sooner your money will be working for you, not the bank!

These are real DVDS that we will ship to your home.  Just pop them in your TV and start learning…


Since you are getting Hunter’s Marshmallow Gun Business package,
Stephen is discounting his course (regularly $97) to only $37 plus S&H

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